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Day 107 – Dust

July 14, 2014

Song of the Day:  Green (Ariettes Oubliées) – Claude Debussy

Yeah, look at me going all classical. And French to boot. Has the desert turned me soft or what? This is the first thing I ever heard Tali sing when she was at music college and every so often it pops into my head. I love those opening lines but I’ve never been too sure what the words were. Something about “des feuilles et des branches” (the leaves and branches), but the first bit I’ve always had to busk : “A fee des foo des far des feuilles et des branches…” which any French speaker will tell you ain’t French. Now, at last, I’ve found out what it says. It’s a poem by Paul Verlaine, who was a French poet from France. Debussy did the musical arrangement in a collection of similar musical arrangements which he called Ariettes Oubliés (Where Did I Put My Sandals?).

Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches
Et puis voici mon coeur qui ne bat que pour vous

See the fruits, the flowers, the leaves and the branches
And then see my heart which beats only for you

That’s what French is for. Romance. It’s rubbish for getting directions, but for romance, it can turn barbed wire into brioche.

When you look at your stats on WordPress (which I do every day cos I’m desperate to be loved), there’s a little map of the world that lights up all the countries that you’ve had views from. Yesterday I had views from the US, Canada and India and today I had one from Russia. It struck me that if I could get those four to all view on the same day, and maybe throw in someone from Greenland, I’d have half the world covered. Imagine the power I could wield. Muahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa!

I don’t know if I’ll ever get anyone viewing from China – I suspect it’s not allowed – but if I keep writing ‘China’ enough, it should increase my chances of getting Googled, or whatever the Chinese equivalent is, in China. Then all I have to do is bring out my e-book, Nine Reasons Why China Is Great, and I can retire.

wpid-imag1415.jpg The Doha skyline earlier today

The little map on my stats page is the best view I’m going to get of the world today. A dust cloud has blown in on the wind and the air is yellowish white – a ‘beige-out’, as Mark called it – as if someone emptied a giant Hoover bag over Doha. It’s not nice. If this hung around for any length of time I could imagine it driving people doolally, starting with me. Did I mention China?

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