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Day 189 – Catted

October 4, 2014

Song of the Day: Animal Nitrate – Suede

I’ve heard that if you really want your blog to get noticed, you need to feature a photo of a cat. So here you go.


Awkward animal

This is Claude and he doesn’t know he’s having his photo taken because he’s asleep, as usual. What the photo is trying to convey is that Claude has a habit of getting in the way. Here he’s assumed one of his favourite positions – lying across my arms when I’m trying to type. The other arm’s not in the photo because it’s taking the photo, but trust me, if it was in the photo it would be under the cat.

They say that cats have a sixth sense and this particular cat has a sixth sense for knowing exactly where your eyes are looking and putting itself in the way. So if you’re trying to use a laptop, say, it will come and stand right in front of the screen, pretending it’s oblivious and is only being affectionate, but it’s such obvious attention-seeking behaviour it really fools nobody. I’m told all cats do this.

When he was little, Claude kept a daily diary of his own, by walking across the keyboard once a day while I was trying to work. Here’s a typical entry:

Friday 3rd June, 2011: 1ehfnv ihvv ruhfi83y434f  vvub 1e2sd vhv

I thought of getting it published, but they’d just committed to another Alex Ferguson autobiography so they felt the market for this sort of stuff was already catered for.


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