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Day 228 – Probe Ability

November 12, 2014

Song of the Day: Spanish Stroll – Mink deVille

If you ever stop and wonder what thieves looked like in the 1930s, here’s your answer. They couldn’t look more motley if they tried, could they? There’s one with one eye, another with a big scar on his cheek, several superb “bovvered?” facial expressions and all of them, to a man, have their eyes too close together (apart from the one with one eye, whose eyes are clearly too far apart).

I found this collection of police mugshots while researching a book on life in the 1930s. That’s the decade my parents were born, so it’s of particular interest. Great Depression. Mass unemployment. Golden Age of steam. Abdication. Cars. Planes. War. All in all probably more exciting for more people than landing a robot on a comet. I’m not sure what I find most remarkable about today’s astronomical feat: the fact that the comet is four billion years old; the fact that it’s travelling at 40,000mph; or the fact that it’s shaped like a rubber duck.

But, of course, in Space everything is probable – as distinct from probe-able, which is also true – and it’s an uncanny echo of my latest novel, which might even get written one day, in which the Earth is threatened with destruction by a meteorite the exact size and shape of Croydon. Could that happen? Of course it could. In fact, such is the nature of infinity, it’s bound to happen.

  1. Thanks. Pleased to have found your blog. Looking forward to further reading. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (featuring spanish stroll in moments, moments post).

    • Tim Glynne-Jones permalink

      Thanks Thom. I feel inclined to make Whole Wide World my Song of the Day.

  2. Brian permalink

    Enjoyed the alteration to the document to remove the ‘s’ from ‘eyes’. Eye = hazel .)

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