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Day 275 – Jack Frost

December 30, 2014

Song of the Day: Back to Black – Amy Winehouse


A frozen pond at the Royal Ashdown Golf Club

Survived Christmas. In fact, it all went very well. Just the four of us on Christmas Day, a walk, a drink in the pub, then home for a big chicken with most of the trimmings (not bread sauce, though I love bread sauce), a proper game of Monopoly (when does that ever happen?), a bit of telly, some booze, chocolate, Christmas cake, mince pie. Lovely.

Après ça le deluge. Twenty-nine of us laying waste to a table full of meat, veg, pickles and puddings and playing silly games. The chili was left virtually untouched and I thought we might be eating it for breakfast lunch and tea until Easter, but it’s nearly all gone now, with a little help from our friends. Just enough for four in the freezer, waiting for one of those days when I can’t be bothered to cook.

The weather has been great. Normally Christmas time is mild and grey, but this year we’ve had cold, crisp, frosty mornings, blue skies and sunshine, albeit so low in the sky that you can’t see a thing when you’re driving towards it. Makes life interesting on the roads, especially for cyclists.

Today was one of the coldest so far, perfect for a round of golf in Ashdown Forest, home of Winnie the Pooh. The greens were so hard that if you landed directly on them your ball would bounce about fifty feet in the air and disappear off the back into the undergrowth. But when you putted the frost gathered on the ball so that by the time it reached the hole – if it reached the hole – it was too big to go in! I exaggerate. But then you know that.

At my current rate it’s unlikely I’ll post again before 2015 so I’d like to wish my few remaining readers a very happy New Year and health and happiness throughout 2015.

Chin chin.

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