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Day 282 – Sepptic

January 6, 2015

Song of the Day: Sexx Laws – Beck

So we’ve got a new candidate for the FIFA presidency. Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein has thrown his hat into the ring for the showdown in May, joining the aptly named Jerome Champagne and, of course, the splatter-bomb himself, Sepptimus Arseholius Blatter.

“It is time to shift the focus away from administrative controversy and back to sport,” said Prince Ali, rather predictably. “The headlines should be about football, not about Fifa,” he added. All in good time, Ali, all in good time. The headlines will continue to be about FIFA while we all watch to see if you can prise Splatter’s fingers off the golden goose send him spinning into oblivion. Then we’ll be watching to see if you can restore some credibility to an organisation that currently has none. Good luck!

It’s really in football’s interests to scrap FIFA and start again. There’s nothing to lose. The real business of football takes place weekly at club level. The World Cup is an occasional and generally disappointing distraction, in which ultimate glory is, for all but the top European and South American nations, a futile exercise. And anyway, it shouldn’t take a mountain of self-interested ‘executives’ to get it on. One rep from each confederation should do it. Choose a host country, give them a brief, keep an eye on their progress and turn up to present the trophy. Then go away again.

Until that happens, the English FA should lead the way by pulling out.



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