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Day 303 – Coming of Age

January 27, 2015

Song of the Day: Kid – The Pretenders

Today I became the father of an 18-year-old girl. How did that happen? (That’s a rhetorical question – you can spare me the full biological explanation). The bit that baffles me is that I’m only 17, or at least I thought I was. Frightening how time flies.

Still, beautiful day today and I’m full of the joys of impending spring. Only one more month of proper winter to go. Only 62 more days and my year of Doha will be done. Ha! You thought I’d left, didn’t you? Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. Maybe part of me did and another part stayed behind. Maybe I turned Villaggio into a horcrux containing part of my soul. Or maybe I didn’t.

Such is life: an endless series of questions, doubts and uncertainties. I vote we all take a day off so that I can get my bearings.


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  1. Boshra permalink

    How ingenious! Your writing just incapsulates the whole spectrum! A Horcrux in Villagio – bravo!

    And happy birthday to your now legally adult daughter. That must be terrifying for you.

  2. Tim Glynne-Jones permalink

    The whole 18 years have been terrifying, Boshra. I feel a sense of relief! And be careful with Villaggio. The only way to destroy it is with a dugong tusk through the gondolas.

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