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Day 365 – The End

March 29, 2015

Song of the Day: The End – The Doors

Whoosh! There goes another year. A year ago today I embarked on my adventure to Qatar and, in a fit of positive intent, a year ago tomorrow I wrote the first of what I thought would be 365 blog entries, chronicling my year in Doha. Today I am applying the final full stop to a project that fizzled out two months ago, and probably before that if truth be told.

“Be careful what you commit to,” an old man once told me. I ignored him. Never be afraid to commit, but don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t see it through. That’s life. Sorry I didn’t maintain the daily entries but, let’s be honest, you were already getting tired of it and would probably have started sending me hate mail.

So thanks for reading and following and commenting when you did, and thanks for not sending me hate mail. I see from the stats that there are still people reading it every day so I hope they’re gathering something useful about life in Doha. When I think of the city I feel no love for it whatsoever, especially when I think of City Center Mall, but when I think of the people who befriended me there I feel a strong bond and they’ll always be in my heart. I hope I see them again. I gather they’re not suffering quite as much torture and bullying at QF these days. The craven turd who arrived shortly before my departure (draw your own conclusions) fell on his sword recently, so it should all be back to the previous state of carefully controlled turmoil that existed when I arrived. I returned to England with a sense of unfinished business, but then unfinished business is what Doha excels at. I wonder if that hospital’s open yet.

So this is the end, beautiful friend, the end. We can draw a line under 365 Days in Doha and move on. Perhaps I’ll pop up in some other blog one day, about baking or home improvement or bee keeping maybe, but for now, so long and thanks for all the fish.


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  1. Brian permalink

    Shine on you crazy diamond! Thanks for Doha! It was fun.

  2. Tim Glynne-Jones permalink

    Been good having you along for the ride, Bri. Now, we have the little matter of a prediction competition going on, don’t we? I think I might have overbid on QPR.

  3. Brian permalink

    I think I was a tad harsh on the Saints…

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